RTB’s Website Redesign Launch

Continuing to pioneer in apparel’s bottom line performance, Raise the Bar, LLC. this month announced a website redesign and launch on its ten year anniversary. The redesign showcases thirty years of success helping clients achieve unprecedented cost savings by up to 50% while increasing speed to market.

According to Founder and President Renée T. Bavineau, the new site provides user-friendly case studies, while allowing apparel companies to compare their needs against RTB’s areas of expertise. “Our clients come to us to realize sustainable production efficiencies and expertise throughout the Fit and Operations processes,” said Bavineau, “while reducing return rates—often dramatically.”

Bavineau said the company’s track record on timely, consistent fit assessment and execution is unmatched. By interpreting clients’ intent in design, fit, construction and cost, RTB gets their teams “on calendar” to reach new targets. For smaller start-up clients, RTB has developed and launched new collections, advised on sourcing or “re-shoring” initiatives for next-gen domestic production.

Raise the Bar’s established role in the apparel market remains a unique and savvy one, focusing on the key issues in the production process that affect bottom line performance—particularly timing, fit and quality.

Raise the Bar is based in Metro New York. Prospective clients can contact us at renee@raisethebarinc.com for introductions and consultations.

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Twice as Nice Uniforms

We’re thrilled to announce that a partner company to RTB, Twice as Nice Uniforms, was given a 2015 Apparel Innovators Award by Apparel Magazine. RTB’s Renée Bavineau worked with TAN founder Debora Carrier to develop own line of her flattering, temperature-responsive medical scrub uniforms. RTB also helped TAN set up its production runs stateside, in partnership with a New Jersey manufacturer.

Twice as Nice has transformed the scratchy, thin fabric of medical scrubs into a smooth, stretchable blend that includes pockets and an interquilt, removeable liner for colder work environments. Already in second run, TANU has already launched a men’s line and grown its color options. For more information on the award and Twice as Nice Uniforms, you can reach them at their website.

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What “Fits” in the New Apparel Market?

According to fitsme.com, online apparel sales in 2014 saw an average return rate of 13%. The number one reason? Bad fit. According to The Robin Report, this accounts for 77% of returns. As more consumers purchase and review apparel online, it’s becoming more important than ever to get it right the first time.

With the help of technology, virtual fittings have become more widespread and user-friendly. Tremendous brand loyalty is at stake. According to Anastasia (Stacey) Charbin, Lectra’s Director of Fashion Marketing, fresh marketing needs to center on three elements: design, fit, and supply chain. “Focusing on these key elements is critical for both disruptors and titants,” she writes. “Such is the opportunity and the new normal—and it’s there for the taking.”

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