Rapid Assessment → Rapid Rollout

Fit Checkup

Rapid Assessment

Raise The Bar has mastered a swift, efficient evaluation of clients’ fit processes that unearths cost savings strategies. It’s unique to our business, and our clients recognize its value.

Our trademarked process quickly and efficiently reengineer your brand for speed, efficiency, savings, and laser-like communication up and down your supply chain.

When you Raise the Bar, you retool your company’s tools and processes in unprecedented ways.

Rapid Rollout

Put simply, we achieve nearly unheard-of savings: 70% savings year-over-year, slashing return rates by more than half; setting up nearly 50% margins on first delivery.

Tech Pack Optimized

Fit 2.0 offers shows you how to assemble a Tech Pack with a single purpose in mind: rapid, efficient and immediate execution. We'll help make sure your Tech Pack is not only easy to assemble, but streamlined and SIMPLIFIED to deliver precise information to the factory, keeping you on schedule and poised to hit all your targets.