What Happens in the Fit Room


A poorly executed fit process increases costs, causes delays, creates quality issues, slows sales, increases returns and lowers morale and profits. Raise the Bar eliminates your margin of error and its infamous costs.

Even the most successful “fast fashion” companies have seen Fit Room glitches snarl their process and spike costs. RTB helps you smooth out your fit process with a peerless approach. We take the time to carefully calculate the necessary upfront costs to shave overhead and independently tighten expenses. Quite simply, no one does exactly what we do. And we’re proud of our success stories:

One national client saw their fit room costs reduced by 70% in one year.

We reduced another client’s return rates from 45% to 15% in 6 months.

We were able to deliver on several clients’ lines allowing for 45%+ margins the first time out.

Companies who invest in Raise the Bar find the process pays out early and often.


RTB helps fashion brands change their production paradigm to meet the needs of today’s omni-channel consumer.

Despite being inefficient, slow, and just plain outdated, the same old pre-production fashion processes used 30 years ago are still in use today.

RTB’s trademarked FIT 2.0 process literally reengineers the fit process. We quickly and efficiently reengineer your brand for speed, efficiency, savings, and laser-like communication up and down your supply chain.

FIT 2.0 focuses on transforming the fit process into a streamlined set of activities designed for speed, efficiency, and laser-like communication up and down your supply chain. Our highly effective Tech Package systems help you retool your company’s tech pack for immediate execution. We’ll help streamline your tech pack to make it accessible to both staff and factory, assigning accountability and keeping you at the head of the line.