Your workflow is propelled by your workforce: their skill sets, goals, tools, communication channels, client management and delivery calendar. We put power back into your workforce.

Garment Leadership

Raise the Bar starts at the top. We work with ROI-focused CEOs who understand that they need to energize their workforce in order to delight their customers. We strengthen the business from the inside out. Assessing talent, workflow and bottom line optimization, we help you balance your output goals with your workforce's skill sets. We provide the global training necessary to synchronize your vision and its execution across your brand’s internal and external clients. Every success story knows the economic value of a strong team.

The pool and profile of the industry’s garment workers has changed tremendously. Thirty years ago there were one million garment employees in New York City alone. Today, there are only 25,000. What happened to that skill and experience? Raise the Bar has been there before and throughout. We get it.

In 2015's garment industry, companies are seeking to stretch their talent across more categories and skill sets. Pre-recession, companies used to nurture specialists. But organizations have become shallow and narrow rather than wide and deep. Tech Designers for example are working on tailored suits one day then basic t-shirts on another. Design teams struggle to create solid relationships and reliable expertise. Dysfunction dogs the brand. Without assured quality and seam-to-store timing, brands suffer. The final verdict is issued in front of the fitting room mirror, at the register and especially at the returns desk.

Enter Raise the Bar.

Sustainability is not just a sourcing issue, it’s an operations issue. Raise the Bar has created client sustainability by halving operations and fit process expenses for some clients, while creating product efficiencies that redefine a sustainable business model.

Customers want a brand they can return to. Assessing talent, processes, and cost, we help your brand find the sweet spot between timing and quality. We help you bank on a sustainable business model by shrinking your process timing. No more unexpected air deliveries. No more waiting. Our approach actually strengthens and motivates your team—no more post-season cost-cutting measures or costly repairs—while better mapping their success.

RTB charts a scalable action plan for a retailer’s process and operations that resuscitates brands. We help reduce return rates and increase brand loyalty. NOW THAT'S SUSTAINABLE.

Thousands of new styles. Hundreds of hours of approval time- fitting on the model, processing fit comments, making pattern corrections and detailed tech packs These all cut into potential profits. RTB’s evaluations come with a phased streamlined approach that offers potential savings opportunities at each turn.

By meeting with department heads, Raise the Bar gathers critical process flow information and data to analyze and determine functionality, timely “pass offs,” and overall timing to market. We even review documentation and technology that supports internal and external product transfer.

We identify solutions that integrate and globally share/process development, tracking, milestones and delivery. By streamlining and balancing workloads, your organization feels supported. In mapping processes and clarifying best practices, roles and responsibilities are clarified in each functional area. Only then will your deliverables truly deliver.