Restrictive fit issues, interrupted deliveries, vendor confusion and irregular quality was resulting in lost sales among long-standing, loyal customer base. A heavy handed manual process caused delays and bottlenecks while need for block patterns and fit standards was evident. Vendor base and line assortments too wide and shallow.


RTB assessed organizational needs, devised regular cross-functional team meetings, and devised hierarchy for file management. We built core fit blocks with key vendors, while designing a simpler yet cohesive tech package, and aligned processes.Developed and tested client appropriate grade rules were rolled out. RTB developed and drove minimum spec measurements and a how-to-measure manual, resulting in a common language for communicating tech packs.


Overhauls increased client's visibility to specific vendor performances and opportunities. In-place accountabilities enabled better,/smarter approval decision making. Eliminated fit issues and order cancellations all awhile delivered on time deliveries with consistency in fit and quality execution across a narrower upskilled vendor base.

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